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Animal Planet is an American cable TV specialty channel that launched on October 1, 1996. It is distributed by Discovery Communications. A high-definition simulcast of the channel launched on September 1, 2007. Over the last several years, the network has shown less education television shows, and has focused instead on more entertainment oriented programming.
Animal Planet was created in cooperation with the BBC by Discovery Communications on October 1, 1996.
On January 1, 1997, Animal Planet's distribution grew as a result of Discovery Communications buying the channel space of WOR EMI Service (a national feed of New York's WWOR-TV), that was implemented in the light of the SyndEx laws enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
It is available throughout the US, as well as in over 70 countries around the world.
Country-specific versions of the channel have been created in Canada, India, Japan, Taiwan and other countries.
The National Aquarium in Baltimore has an exhibit of "Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extreme". It opened in late 2005 in a multi-million dollar expansion. Animal Planet and the National Aquarium in Baltimore (in 2004) announced a multi-year partnership which produced an original orientation film that gives Aquarium visitors background on the Australian area which inspired the new exhibit and a dedicated area inside the expansion where visitors can learn about Animal Planet's conservation efforts and other programming. The partnership also has possible future productions of TV programs about the National Aquarium in Baltimore's research and exhibits.
In 2006, BBC Worldwide sold its 20% interest in Animal Planet US back to Discovery Communications. The BBC maintained its 50% ownership in Animal Planet Europe, Animal Planet Asia and Animal Planet Latin America, as well as its minority position in Animal Planet Japan and Animal Planet Canada until 15 November 2010, when BBC Worldwide sold 50% interest in Animal Planet and Liv to Discovery Communications for $156 million. Animal Planet is additionally an associate member of the Caribbean Cable Cooperative
Genius Products has announced a U.S. distribution agreement not only with Animal Planet, but also with TLC.
Jakks Pacific has just signed a license to make Animal Planet pet products.
On February 3, 2008, Animal Planet "relaunched" itself under a new image that "sheds its soft and furry side for programming and an image with more bite." As part of the relaunch, Animal Planet replaced their elephant and spinning globe logo for a starker text image that allows more flexibility in its usage. Eight new shows and specials scheduled to air in February, with the new shows aimed at reaching a more adult audience with programming designed to tap into humans' basic instincts with stories that reiterate what makes humans human.
This rebranding effort continued in 2010 with a change of the network's slogan, from "Same Planet, Different World" to "Surprisingly Human".

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05:00:00 05:44:46 Animal Weapons: Episode 4 - Dash and Clash
05:44:46 05:48:59 Gator at Gunpoint | Gator Boys
05:48:59 05:54:42 The Most Extreme on Animal Planet "Killer Cats" with Scott Lope
05:54:42 06:04:34 Actual Body of a Mermaid Found and Shown on Animal Planet Special?
06:04:34 06:14:17 The Most Extreme - Dads - Animal Planet part (3/4)
06:14:17 06:26:45 The Most Extreme - Dads - Animal Planet part (2/4)
06:26:45 07:13:15 The Most Extreme - Defenders
07:13:15 07:58:00 The Most Extreme - Bodyparts
07:58:00 08:40:30 The Most Extreme - Moms
08:40:30 09:19:29 The Most Extreme - Swarms
09:19:29 10:00:59 The Most Extreme - Jumpers
10:00:59 10:45:15 The Most Extreme - Speed
10:45:15 11:27:28 The Most Extreme - Gluttons
11:27:28 12:14:15 The Most Extreme - Birth
12:14:15 12:59:26 The Most Extreme - Cheats
12:59:26 13:43:48 The Most Extreme - Survivors
13:43:48 14:24:49 The Most Extreme - Fighters
14:24:49 15:11:15 The Most Extreme - Big Mouths
15:11:15 15:56:43 The Most Extreme - Super Senses
15:56:43 16:38:48 The Most Extreme - Smarts
16:38:48 17:18:27 The Most Extreme - Strength
17:18:27 17:59:53 The Most Extreme - Biters
17:59:53 18:44:02 The Most Extreme - Venom
18:44:02 19:23:01 The Most Extreme - Swarms
19:23:01 20:04:12 The Most Extreme - Predators
20:04:12 20:51:06 The Most Extreme - Stinkers
20:51:06 21:37:03 The Most Extreme - Daredevils
21:37:03 22:23:33 The Most Extreme - Defenders
22:23:33 23:12:12 The Most Extreme - Killers
23:12:12 00:00:52 The Most Extreme - Athletes
00:00:52 00:45:38 Animal Weapons: Episode 4 - Dash and Clash
00:45:38 00:49:51 Gator at Gunpoint | Gator Boys
00:49:51 00:55:34 The Most Extreme on Animal Planet "Killer Cats" with Scott Lope
00:55:34 01:05:26 Actual Body of a Mermaid Found and Shown on Animal Planet Special?
01:05:26 01:15:09 The Most Extreme - Dads - Animal Planet part (3/4)
01:15:09 01:27:37 The Most Extreme - Dads - Animal Planet part (2/4)
01:27:37 02:14:07 The Most Extreme - Defenders
02:14:07 02:58:52 The Most Extreme - Bodyparts
02:58:52 03:41:22 The Most Extreme - Moms
03:41:22 04:20:21 The Most Extreme - Swarms
04:20:21 05:01:51 The Most Extreme - Jumpers